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Most people who want to change or enliven their lives talk about finding and following their passions. Unfortunately, many people don’t know what they enjoy, let alone what their passions are. The best way to identify your passions is to take a step back to ask yourself:

  • How do I know that I enjoy something?
  • What is it inside me that tells me I’m passionate about something?

Understanding this decision making mechanism is the key. It is the first step in walking your new path, the first brick in building your life after a big transition, the first door to unlock that will lead you to your desired relationship, your next move, your new career, your big goal or dream. As soon as you know how to recognize you are interested in something, you can begin following the clues to discover what draws you, what calls to your heart. Over time you can act proactively to create situations that allow you to enjoy your interests more frequently.

When you stand in front of the menu at an ice cream parlor…how do you know what flavor you want? What tells you? Is it a logical deduction based on fat grams or your allergy to nuts or what you had yesterday? Is it habit or tradition? Is it what you are drawn to in the moment? Is it some other factor?

If you don’t know how you know, you are not alone! Many people don’t. And without this inner-knowing “muscle” working in tiptop shape, it’s hard to settle on a new life, path or dream that truly works for you. Imagine trying to decide whether a topic, task, person or activity interests you, if you have no idea how to tell if you do or don’t like something. It’s impossible. So to help you move forward, take a little time to jump-start this muscle, which Carol McClelland, Ph. D., author of this program, calls the Heart Magnet.

By knowing yourself and how it feels to be excited by, intrigued by, fascinated with, or drawn to explore something, you’ll be able to notice and follow the clues that will guide you to your new life, relationship or dream.

If you’ve been
feeling uncertain,
struggling with decisions,
out of touch with what your heart wants…

Contact Coach LaRonda at:

As a Certified Heart Magnet Coach, LaRonda will guide you through activities that will take you through a process of discovering how to reconnect with your Heart Magnet and how to strengthen and use it in various decision making situations in your life. 

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