Walking The Path With The Heart ~

Sometimes we are given earthly messages that remind us that we are embraced in Divine Love, that we matter, that we belong on this planet and that our lifework here is all about Love.

This photo was one I snapped during a time when my heart was deeply searching. I was taking a nature walk, feeling a little blue and uncertain of what lay ahead. As I walked a coastal nature path there, I came across this batch of pine cones in the shape of a heart. I fell silent in awe. I looked at it for a while, wondering who might have made it and why it was there in MY PATH. I opened to it’s message and took it in. This is what I heard within:

“You are loved, Dear one. You belong to me.
You are my heartbeat and I made you.
You are worthy of everything wonderful.
Walk the path with the heart.”

I took a picture of this earthly message and absorbed this blessing. I felt this pine cone nature art was pointing me in the right direction. I could sense my new journey would be one from my head to my heart.

I believe it is the human quest to find our divine purpose while here. When we seek the path with the heart, our purpose becomes clear. My purpose is to help you navigate life changes, motivate you to achieve your goals and inspire you to live deeply authentic and meaningful lives.

If you feel called to gain clarity and enhance your personal growth and success,

contact me! LaRondaZupp@gmail.com

One of my favorite things to do is to walk the path of a Labyrinth. International World Labyrinth Day is celebrated annually on the first Saturday in May. On this day people Walk as One at 1pm in their respective time zones across the world and become part of a global wave of peace. Traditionally, I facilitate a signature World Labyrinth Day Retreat for the Deaf community. However, this year, there was a conflict in plans with the space I had reserved. So, I walked a nearby labyrinth alone and contemplated the many twists and turns of life and how to keep walking the path with the heart.

Benefits of Walking the Labyrinth 

Walking a labyrinth brings many benefits:

  • Quiets the mind, opens the heart & reduces stress
    Induces relaxation and a deep sense of peace 
  • Allows body, mind & spirit to integrate
  • A tool to reflect on life transitions and change
  • Brings clarity, discernment and guidance 
  • Fosters creativity & imagination
  • Helps you center, ground and increase awareness
  • A tool to connect to your higher power or inner wisdom

Walking a labyrinth is a very sacred and powerful activity that helps us feel a greater sense of Oneness. To find a labyrinth near you, click here.

I offer Personal Labyrinth Walks and Labyrinth Mini-Retreats. Interested?

Contact me: LaRondaZupp@gmail.com

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