The Amazing Power of Journaling ~

Without question, Journaling is one of the most powerful tools available for exploring your inner self, your personal growth, or for making positive changes in your life.

I often recommend journaling in my coaching and retreats because it can provide valuable insight about beliefs, values, emotions, and behaviors. It gives you the opportunity to see yourself as you really are and identify areas where you might want to make changes or improvements. 

Journaling is a tool that brings out your intuitive voice, that deep place of inner-knowing. It can bring emotional and even physical healing when slowing down, rest and de-stressing are needed. 

Below are some journal prompts I’ve created for you to reflect on. Pick out or make yourself a journal. Grab some colored pencils, markers or your favorite pen. It’s time to get Journaling!

1. A ship’s anchor helps keep it from drifting away from its dock. It is a source of security or stability. Who is your “anchor?” Who keeps you steadfast and grounded? Who in your life is a trustworthy support you can rely on in times of trouble? Who do you count on to pull you back if you drift too far away from your center? Who helps you feel safe, still and calm during the storms of life?

2. What do your surroundings say about you? Do they reflect the essence of who you are? Does the space you create in your life give you energy and fill you with joy? Does it inspire your best thinking and work? Does it allow you to express your creativity within the realm of peace and calm? Does the place where you live and work reflect things that are most important to your soul?

3. How do you deepen and expand your spiritual self?  Our spiritual journey includes faith, forgiveness, gratitude, healing, intuition, joy, love, patience, peace, relaxation, self-love and self-care. How are these manifesting in your life? Where do you receive spiritual guidance? 

4. Who are your mentors, role models, coaches and guides? Who provides you wisdom through advice and counsel? Who offers you feedback, both positive and constructive? Who is your sounding board? Who nurtures your curiosity and provides you with opportunities to test out new behaviors and ideas? Who is there for you in times of deep personal need? Who shows you the way through and beyond?

How do we withdraw and tune into the still, small, inner voice of our Spirit? Our world is filled with noise – sound noise, visual noise, electronic noise… this list goes on. There is so much busyness and noise that it can be difficult to slow down and pay attention to our own thoughts. In fact, we are so accustomed to these visual noises and sounds that we can grow restless without them. With all of the clamor and intrusions around us, soundproofing the mind and heart against the intruding noises in our world is important if we want to attend to what our Spirit has to say. 

What have these Journaling prompts uncovered for you? Feel free to leave a comment.

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