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Most of us are familiar with the nagging thoughts of our inner-critics that tell us we are not good enough, not doing enough, or not doing things right. Our inner-critics can cast doubt on our ability to achieve our goals or undermine our accomplishments. They tell us that making ourselves a priority is selfish and this causes many of us to get stuck in a cycle of self-deprivation and self-neglect. They can even make us feel we are not lovable and unwanted.

Are you ready to transform your inner-critics and empower your inner-wisdom? Let me show you how. I can help you create more compassionate and trusting relationships with yourself so that you can make empowered, purposeful and self-loving choices that move you toward more balanced, meaningful and joy-filled life!

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I attended LaRonda's "Tansforming Your Inner-Critic" workshop at the Power of Me Retreat in Washington DC, in 2016. Afterwards, I decided to work with her as my Life Coach. I really loved it. Her coaching helped me to find my clarity of purpose and improve in self-love. I am still in the process of my own journey of growth, trusting in right timing. I have reminded myself that my personal growth is like a flower which has its own process to grow. I recommend to anyone who feels frustrated or lost, to take her one-on-one coaching programs, retreats or workshops! It will be worth your time and it is a great investment in your life journey.
~ Rhonda Eernisse , Florida

"LaRonda's Self-Love coaching gave me a way to reframe the old tapes from my Inner-Critic into something more powerful, wise and transformative. She taught me how to listen to and trust my Inner-Wisdom. Coach LaRonda is clear, empowering and positive. She helps you to focus on ways to feel “whole” and not “broken”!" ~ Anon, Delaware

After discovering that I had a strong "Inner Critic",  I decided to have Self-Love Coaching from LaRonda via VP (Video Phone).  Through steps, I learned to trust and appreciate myself.  Since the sessions, I have been continuously positive in my surroundings and about myself. Self-Love Coaching with LaRonda was great! ~ Mary L., Washington