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Happy International Day of Self-Love. From my heart to yours, I offer you this FREE CAPTIONED VIDEO as a believer in the power of Self-Love. I believe that when we practice the path of self-love and weave it into how we raise our children, relate to each other, and honor ourselves, we can change this world one heart at a time. It is a daily practice to grow in self-love. It’s a life path I have personally and professionally welcomed and embraced. I walk it with much reverence and dedication. I love guiding other women and men to this path and walking along side of them a while as they begin their journey. Wherever this finds you today, know that you matter and that you are loved. Please share widely!  

(Transcript below for those who need it.)

Happy International Day of Self-Love. From my heart to yours, I offer you this FREE CAPTIONED VIDEO as a believer in the power of Self-Love. I believe that when we practice the path of self-love and weave it into how we raise our children, relate to each other, and honor ourselves, we can change this world one heart at a time. Wherever this finds you today, know that you matter and that you are loved. Please share widely! <3(Transcript in the comments for those who need it.)

Posted by LaRonda Zupp on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Transcript: Hello. Today is February 13th. Do you know what happens this day? We celebrate International Day of Self-Love. This movement was established by Christine Arylo, who happens to be one of my favorite mentors. Christine set up this day as a time to give ourselves self-love and learn what it means to love ourselves. When we do, we can give more love to others and our world.

Today, I would like to offer you a special gift, from my heart to yours, out of Love. Before I begin, I want to set up my environment. First, I will light a candle. I always do this at the beginning as a way to create sacred space in which I share my wisdom and joy with you, my dear ones. (Lights red candle) The light of a candle is a beautiful reminder of our own inner light. (Sets candle to the side)

The next thing I do to make my environment feel special is by bringing something in that makes me feel connected with all life. What I do is bring in something from nature. I’ve brought in a rain stick. I decorated it in pink and red yarn for Love. (Tips rain stick up and down and showing the motion of the beads inside as they trickle and fall. Closes eyes. Motions the beads falling down and into my heart.)

The third special thing I do to help me express my love is to send out some pink love vibes by wearing my favorite scarf (wraps pink velvet-satin scarf with fringe around neck). Now I can spread the Love.

Ok… Oh, and I also try to touch all the senses (sight, touch, feel, smell, etc.). There is no sound… well, no wait. The rain stick brought in vibrations which I could feel. (Holds up scented diffuser) This is a diffuser which sends vapors up near me. It has a lovely scent. (Holds up oil). I’m using this oil called “Sleep,” but it is a peaceful scent that brings that “ahhhh” feeling.
So, now, I’m ready. The environment has been set and I feel good inside and out. I’m now ready to give my cherished and special gift to you all on this International Day of Self-Love.

Part of Self-Love involves Self-Care. Self-Care isn’t just about going to get a massage or get your nails done or pampering yourself. Sometimes, Self-Care means going deeper to practice a path that will honor, respect and love ourselves.

Sometimes, this means disappointing people who we love. Sometimes, it means drawing boundaries and creating and absolute NO list. If it’s not absolutely YES, it means it’s a NO. And so on… I offer one-on-one coaching with people who want to go deeper and set boundaries that will honor and value themselves. Why? Because you will learn how to better trust your inner-wisdom that will help you make better choices and decisions and free yourself from that cycle of self-neglect. It’s a way to give yourself joy… to give yourself permission to have more joy in your life.

So… Today, the gift I will share with you is about Extreme Self-Care: That serious and deep care of self. I will share 10 questions for you to ponder. If you have a journal, copy these questions and write them down. Pause the video and write them down as you go. Reflect on these questions and consider what your answers are. Your responses will help you set up a Self-Care “Kit.” This means, when you are struggling the most, or when you’re going through a life transition, or a sudden, unexpected change, you can go back to these answers and ask, “What is my Self-Care practice?”

Ok. You ready?

1. When I feel stressed, upset or “off”, who can I go to for support? Who is my support person? Who will give me a safe space to express my feelings and emotions without criticism? Who allows me to have my feelings? Who comforts me? (You can identify as many support people as you want. They are important and part of your support network.)

2. Who do I need to avoid when I feel stressed or off balance? Who MUST I avoid? Who contributes to my anxiety? Who overwhelms me with questions? Who has a hard time listening without offering continuous advice? (Who is that person or people you need to avoid? List them.)

3. What does my body need to feel good right now? What makes me feel healthy, balanced, strong and nurtured? What does my body need? (Take a moment to listen to your body and write down what you know.)

4. How to I best express my feelings? How do I speak from my soul? (List those things. For example, it might be art, talking, walking, crying… How do you best express your emotions?)

5. What responsibilities or obligations can I clear from my plate so I can let go of stress and do what my body needs? What things can I let go of? (List those.)

6. Do I have unhealthy coping strategies that are not really helpful? (For example, smoking. Some people might say they must smoke to reduce the stress, but is it really helpful for your body? That kind of thing… That’s just an example.) What unhelpful coping strategies do I need to let go of? (Overeating? Overuse of the computer? Etc. What’s really not helpful for my body, my soul, my mind…)

7. Do I have a spiritual source or space I can go to where I can fill up my soul? Do I have a faith or religious practice, or a way to feel connected with the universe? Or perhaps a way to listen to, and trust my own inner-wisdom? Where does my spiritual sustenance come from?

8. When I am stressed the most, what do I REALLY need to feel comforted right now? (What makes you feel comforted?)

9. Do I have an object, such as a stone, a gem, a crystal, a cross, a star, a leaf or any kind of symbol that I can use as a talisman? Something I can hold that will remind me to bring my thoughts to here and now… to remind me to relax and bring my awareness to the present… To be here rather than obsessing with what is out there… Is there something I can hold? A rock or any kind of symbol or talisman that you can put into your pocket, wear around your neck or keep near me that I can pick up and hold to remind me to exhale and relax?

10. What can I do to pause or take a break from all of the emotions and stress I feel? What’s my best healthy distraction?

So, all of these questions are part of your Self-Care First Aid Kit. The answers you wrote will allow you to return to that place when you feel stressed. You can open your journal and be reminded of what you need to do instead of not do. Or, you can scoop up the wisdom that helps you regulate your breathing again.

All the different answers about who you need to avoid, who is your support person, etc. will help you. The reason I have shared these questions with you is because, often, when we are stressed, overwhelmed or feeling our worst, we forget about Self-Care. Sometimes, we may turn to comfort food or other unhealthy coping skills that doesn’t really support us long term. They are brief things we do for immediate gratification that we may end up regretting later.

So, these questions are your activity to do on this Day of Self-Love. Take time to examine your Self-Care practices. Create your Self-Care First Aid Kit.

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