Sample Retreats

Below are some examples of retreats I offer.

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for more information on how and when I can bring this retreat to you! While I am located in Vancouver, Washington, I offer retreats anywhere in the United States. 

  • Art & Soul Retreat – Soulful and creative self-expression through Painting, Mosiacs, Wand Making, Collaging, Mandalas, Crafting and more! Art allows us to lose ourselves and find ourselves at the same time. Art is the language of the soul! Center. Connect. Create.

  • Day of Soulful Renewal – In our fast-paced, electronically plugged-in lives, we desperately need opportunities to regain our connection to our spiritual selves, to help us balance our inner and outer lives. This spiritual renewal retreat will help you center and find inner calmness so that you can nurture your most sacred connection with your Divine Source. Enjoy a variety of spiritual activities that make you feel centered, creative and connected.

  • Hero’s Journey Retreat – Explore the remarkable, heroic moments of your life transitions and awaken the hero within. Discover a powerful tool to help you analyze and interpret your life journey. Find constructive meaning and insight from daily struggles and challenges that lead to empowerment and growth.

  • International Women’s Day Retreat – Celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women across the globe (Mar. 8).  Feel more connected to yourself, your feminine power while cultivating friendships and sisterhood with other fabulous women!

  • Longevity Retreat For Seniors – Learn ways to increase your longevity and enjoy the benefits of good health through mindful movement, diet, intimacy, laughter, travel and meditation or prayer.

  • Madly in Love with Me Retreat – Celebrating International Day of Self-Love (Feb. 13th). In this retreat, you will make a self-love pledge to more deeply honor the most important relationship in your life – the one with yourself! Learn how to transform your inner-critics and empower your inner wise woman! This retreat includes daring acts of love that reflect the truth of how beautiful and amazing you are! 

  • Personal Day Away Retreat – Hungry for some deep relaxation? Want to peel off layers of stress? Feeling a need for inner peace? This in-person retreat is designed just for you! Consider gifting yourself a Personal Day Away Retreat and experience deep inner peace and rejuvenation. Coach, LaRonda will help you identify and release what no longer serves you and find new sources of untapped energy to revitalize your heart, mind, body and soul! 

  • Red Tent Retreat – Feminine wisdom for Maidens, Mothers, Guardians and Crones. Explore your connection to the Divine Feminine in a safe, respectful and accepting environment. This retreat is a lively reverie of estrogen and fun! Light the fire! Beat the drum! Claim your Wild-Woman name!

  • Seasons of Change Retreat – This retreat is for those dealing with a major life transition or on the verge of one. Discover a gentle, supportive transition model using the cycles of nature to learn how to work through your life changes in a natural and proactive way. Learn to use transition skills to navigate life’s inevitable ups and downs in a natural, proactive way.

  • Sisters Day Retreat – All for one and one for all! This retreat is for sisters (connected by birth or by choice). A day or weekend filled with laughter and bonding activities to keep ties strong. Family members across generations are encouraged to join. 

  • Summer Solstice Retreat – Celebrate the longest day of the year with soulful, summer retreat activities that reflect the warmth, potency and life-giving power of sunshine and light in our lives. 

  • Tending Your Inner Garden Retreat – Tune in to your own inner garden and see what it growing there. Decide what you want to remove, prune or plant. Become your master gardener and learn how to grow what you want most in your life. This self-care retreat will help you soothe your senses, learn to manage stress, cultivate health and attend your inner life.

  • Time for Tea Retreat – These mini-retreats are enchanting experiences for old and young alike. They include themes such as: Victorian Vintage Tea, Mother & Me Tea, Halloween Witches Tea and more!

  • Virtual Mini-Retreat – A virtual retreat allows you to enjoy all the benefits of taking time to recharge and reconnect to those things that bring you joy and contentment in the safety and comfort of your own home. Coach LaRonda will give you several different types of virtual retreat experiences to rejuve your mind, body and soul.

  • Wanderings Retreat – A combination of an outdoor/indoor retreat. Wander in an outdoor natural setting to replenish, rejuvenate and connect with your Source. Collect a fallen tree branch or slender piece of drift wood and return to a sensual indoor setting to make Spirit Wands from your wanderings.

  • Winter Solstice Retreat – Winter is a great time for purposeful reflection, renewal and retreat. On this longest night, celebrate the returning of  the light and longer days of sun. Reflect on the year just passed and what the light of the new year might hold. Make a creative, nurturing time just for you. Quite the busy voices in your head. Hush and pause those running to-do lists. Find peace at your very center. Count your blessings. Replenish your body, mind and soul and renew your spirit through the winter season.

  • Womanifesting Your Purpose Retreat – This retreat is for women who are searching for their life purpose, looking for a new direction or re-evaluating their priorities. You will learn to give expression to the longing in your heart by creating a multi-media Vision Board. Learn to listen to your heart-magnet, gain clarity about your values and goals and discover what actions to take to bring your life more meaning and purpose.

  • World Labyrinth Day Retreat – (The first Sat. in May) Celebrating International World Labyrinth Day. Discover the sacred geometry of a labyrinth as a symbol and tool for healing and peace. Learn about the history and cultural uses of labyrinths through time. Walk a labyrinth at 1pm in your time zone and be a part of the wave of oneness as the earth turns. Find peace of mind and renewed focus as you become part of a rolling wave of peaceful energy around the globe.