Purpose Clarity


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How Does the Purpose Clarity Program Work?

The Purpose Clarity is a five-part coaching program, created by Carol McClelland, PhD, and facilitated by Certified Purpose Clarity Coach, LaRonda Zupp, that will give you a step-by-step framework that will help your convert your passions and interests into a clear purpose and direction.

  • Part 1: Developing your Heart Magnet
  • Part 2: Identify your passions and interests.
  • Part 3: Brainstorm up to 40 ideas.
  • Part 4: Use your top ten ideas to discover your purpose.
  • Part 5: Create a plan for how to bring your purpose to life.

As a result of completing the Purpose Clarity Program you will have:

  • More clarity about who you are and what gives you a sense of meaning
  • A clear statement of your purpose and passion
  • Ideas about how you might bring passion and purpose to your life through your work or service
  • An action plan to help you do just that!

Who Benefits From Using The Purpose Clarity Program?

The Purpose Clarity Program helps people who are:

  • Wanting to reinvent themselves after an illness, divorce, job loss, relocation, or other life transition.
  • Trying to make a critical career or academic decision.
  • Looking for meaning or new direction in their life after retirement or a change in life roles.

Would you like to get clear about your passion and purpose?

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"I feel like I am seed and LaRonda is the water. All I needed was someone to pour water on me and now my ideas and plans are just growing!!! I am so happy and kind of relieved to have a clear focus and purpose. I felt so lost before. But now, I know what I really want to do now and that feels so good! I feel like my desires and lifelong dreams have been validated. I now have a clear purpose and steps to move me forward. I really loved the Purpose Clarity coaching program with LaRonda. I would strongly recommend her! I know many Deaf people would benefit from this information and I would not hesitate to send them her way."
~ Stephanie Anderson, Indiana

"LaRonda was an easy person to talk with as we went over the process of Purpose Clarity. She made things simple and was friendly when talking on VP. I would recommend her coaching to any friend and encourage them to take her Purpose Clarity program or attend her retreats.  We do need more Deaf leaders like LaRonda in this field." ~ Susan Cherry, California

"I was at a crossroads with my career and had a lot of indecision about what to do next. In just a few individual sessions via videophone, LaRonda was able to help me create a Purpose Clarity Statement, which was extremely helpful with my career search and gave me a feeling of peace about what to do next. I inserted my statement on top of my resume. Consequently, not long after that, I was able to get two part-time jobs that reflected my passions and skills outlined in the statement!" ~ Anon, Oregon

"For quite some time I had been wanting to take a new direction and have something that drove me with purpose. I decided to give Purpose Clarity coaching a shot. Session after session things started to become more clear and I began to see my true calling. Thanks to Coach LaRonda, I feel confident knowing the steps I need to take to become a Grief Counselor."
~ Roberto Gonzalez, Georgia

LaRonda will walk with you by challenging you to dig deep with the Purpose Clarity questions to discover more about yourself, what you are really passionate about and what steps you can take to pursue it. Don't overlook the shorter Life Coaching packages, as those (Inner Mean Girl or Self-Love) questions can also help bring you closer to your true purpose.
~ Michelle E., Texas

"LaRonda's coaching helped me focus, sort out and clarify my values. Just what I needed!" ~ Kayla Alimorong, California