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Greetings Dear Ones. My name is LaRonda Zupp.

I am a Master Retreat and Life Coach, and Founder of Turtle Heart Coaching and Retreats. My passion is to provide opportunities for women to Heal, Explore, Awaken, Renew and Transform their lives. I offer Deaf-friendly coaching and retreats that focus on: Self-Love, Self-Care, Soulful Renewal, Purpose Clarity and Navigating Life Changes. I help women create more compassionate and trusting relationships with themselves so that they can make empowered, purposeful and self-loving choices that move them toward more balanced, meaningful and joy-filled lives!

As a Retreat and Life Coach, I know the value of rest, retreat, reflection and renewal. When we decide to care for ourselves in a more deliberate, attentive, soul-nourishing way, our enhanced well-being makes a positive difference in the world. When we honor, value and care for ourselves, we naturally begin to honor, value and care more for our families, friends, and co-workers in better ways.

Do I Need a Retreat

Going through a Life Change or on the verge of one? Take the FREE Life Change Assessment by clicking the button below. Learn where you are in your cycle of change and how to make your transition journey smoother.

Purpose Clarity Assessment

Are you searching for direction, clarity or purpose? Take the FREE Purpose Clarity Assessment by clicking the button below. Learn to transform your passions and interests into a clear purpose and direction.

Self-Love Assessment

Are you secretly battling with your inner-critic? Take the FREE Self-Love Assessment by clicking the button below. See what aspects of yourself are blooming and what parts you need to grow and heal with love.


Deaf Friendly Certified Business 

Turtle Heart Coaching and Retreats are facilitated using American Sign Language (ASL). Any person who is fluent in ASL whether they are Deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened, Deaf-blind, hearing, CODA’s, Interpreters, or sign language students are welcome.

Occasionally, I work with non-signing individuals and will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations to communicate. I use visual aids, writing, typing or make arrangements for interpreters or real time captioning services (CART) and SSP’s when possible.

I also provide personal and group coaching in-person, on VP (Video Phone), via Facetime, or using other video conferencing technology.

My services are located in Vancouver, Washington, but are available anywhere within the United States.


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