What People Are Saying About LaRonda


 “I strongly recommend any Deaf woman to attend to LaRonda’s retreats. They are perfect for you if you are seeking to feel renewed and re-aligned. LaRonda makes you feel good about yourself and she provides the space to be with like-minded and like-hearted people where you can interconnect energies and love. We all need that from time to time.”  ~ Sofia Seitchik, Global Deaf Women

For years, I have explored numerous labyrinths, always a fascinating and unique experience every time! When LaRonda offered a Labyrinth Retreat (2011), it was a delight to share the labyrinth experience together in our native language of American Sign Language. The photo slide show was a great source of information on understanding the benefits and significance of labyrinths. A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. Also the circle is an important form of energy within our Deaf culture. It is a metaphor for life’s journey. It is a symbol that creates a sacred space and takes us out of our ego to that space which is within. LaRonda exhibited immense creativity, inspiration and warmth and she is passionate to connect with others to nurture positive growth. Walking the labyrinth that day with other beautiful Deaf human beings in that present moment, brought *soul-bumps* fulfilled with love, bliss and light!
~ Rajarajeshwari, Founder of Deafhood Yoga®

“I love that LaRonda offers mini-retreats. I work full time and have two small kids. I like to spend all the time I have with them. So having a 3 hour mini-retreat was perfect for me and my soul!” ~ Hope, California

As a long-time teacher myself, I’m very conscientious about who I co-teach with. I’ve had the pleasure of co-teaching with LaRonda on a number of occasions, and have found her to be dedicated to the experience of participants, heart-centered, creative and a delightful co-teacher. I strongly recommend her warm, insightful events! ~ Jennifer Mantle, Sign Language Interpreter, Priestess and Healer, San Francisco

I attended a couple of LaRonda’s day retreats. She was attuned to our spirits and helped us guide our journey. I left each time feeling spiritually enriched and reaffirmed. ~ Josie Krueger, Washington

“LaRonda’s labyrinth retreat provided me with an opportunity to reflect on some things that I’d never had the opportunity or time to do so. I learned that there is a way in and there is a way out. It was a revitalizing and empowering experience recommended for all! ~ Mike Schmidt, M.S., California

“I enjoyed the Day of Soulful Renewal mini-retreat immensely! Everything was done with spiritual elegance and I could feel the love that LaRonda put into this retreat.
~ Eva Sandina, California

LaRonda showed tremendous sensitivity in her “Power of Me Totem” art activity, which I participated in at Global Deaf Women’s Power of Me Retreat, in Washington, D.C. I am enrolled in Pawnee/Flandreau Santee tribes and we have different cultural traditions regarding Totems. While different than our tradition, LaRonda made sure that her art activity was respectful to Native American cultures. I appreciated her sensitivity as well as providing context of her teachings. She brings warmth and love to her presentations. ~ Dawnena Michelle Muth, owner – Dreamgivers LLC

I loved how LaRonda set the atmosphere at the Sisterhood Playshop Retreat. It was all in red and pink colors and so relaxing. The art activity was therapeutic and fun! Everyone had their own creation and we each talked about it as we went around the circle. It was an “About Me” day and I left energized and refreshed! ~ Anon, Oregon

“LaRonda offers great encouragement. She lets you move at our own pace. She creates a safe place in which you can slow down and just BE.”
~ Natalie Williams, California

“LaRonda’s coaching and retreats always feel “safe” and full of good energy. I always come away with a sense of peace. She gave me tools to create a vision of closure and rebirth. I feel as if I arrived at a greater place of acceptance. I look forward to a new BRIGHT beginning!” ~ Nancy Hammons, California

“I have always loved LaRonda’s retreats! Giving myself time to focus on ME is a great feeling, as well as the opportunity to connect with others and really share something meaningful. LaRonda’s approach to living is truly inspirational and very valuable to observe. I always enjoy myself and learn something new about myself at her retreats.” ~ Rebecca Chow Rodrigues, California

“LaRonda’s coaching helped me focus, sort out and clarify my values. Just what I needed! And her retreats are amazing! They are days I give to myself to let go, release and renew. LaRonda’s retreats allow you to center, draw, learn, walk a labyrinth, be with others walking and feel connected as One.”
~ Kayla Alimorong, California

“I learned so much about myself at LaRonda’s wonderful Seasons of Change Retreat! Her guidance through the process was so comforting and appreciated.
~ Nancy Marsh, California

“I was so happy to attend LaRonda’s retreat. Even though my life changes happened long ago, I was so happy LaRonda allowed me to share my personal stories with the group and show others that there is hope and success. The retreat was successful and I will always remember it positively. ~ Kaye L., California

“I am so grateful LaRonda reached out to me and included me in her retreat. I enjoyed it so much. I felt the breeze blow through me and I left with a much lighter self. I look forward to our next retreat together.” ~ Sharon Lynch, California

“I love the diversity of people who attend LaRonda’s retreats. I loved learning how to walk a labyrinth. It’s like getting on a roller coaster – full of surprises. I loved learning, laughing, crying and smiling at this retreat.” ~ Bobbi Barensten

“I have always felt the joy of being with other women and I love that LaRonda provides women with this opportunity through her retreats. It was of great interest to me to see the stages I have been through that younger women and going through now. I will still be looking forward to more seasons of change ahead as I continue to mature. Loved it!” ~ Kathy Dean, California

“This retreat was the most beautiful retreat I have ever been to! I feel so lifted! My heart is full. I totally enjoyed being here. LaRonda is a beautiful speaker!! I pray that she will have many more retreats like this Day of Soulful Renewal.”
~ Rosie Johnson, California

“LaRonda’s retreat was beautiful and informative. We really enjoyed it! LaRonda’s peaceful energy really stimulated our creativity. It was a very healing weekend.”
~ Nancy and Emily Hindenberg, California

“I’m LaRonda’s biggest fan! Her retreats are good! I loved spending quiet time with God during the Day of Soulful Renewal Retreat. LaRonda is truly an instrument of His peace.” ~ Norrine McSpadden, California

“I loved making colorful art with other Deaf people at the Mosaic Art & Soul weekend Retreat! Loved the energy and creativity. Everybody came wanting to learn! LaRonda’s retreat was CHAMP!” ~ Linda Callaghan, Arizona

“I really enjoyed the peace of quiet reflection at the Day of Soulful Renewal Retreat. I loved all the different stations. LaRonda is a wonderful facilitator. I love how she takes her time in her presentation and listens to everyone. It was wonderful!
~ Suzanne Hirata, California

“LaRonda’s Witch’s Tea Retreat was my first retreat and I enjoyed it very much. Great camaraderie! The use of written cards, signing and gestures helped greatly with communication. Lots of fun and emotionally helpful.”
~ Linda Drattell, California

“LaRonda is a wonderful coach and retreat facilitator. She is focused and kind. She gives you permission to explore yourself and tell your story. I love how she made connections with our life transitions to the changes we see in nature. The Seasons of Change retreat was a growing and learning experience.” ~ Greta K., California

“I needed this mini-retreat! Thank you so much! Coach LaRonda has given me hope. I don’t have to live in the dark belly of the whale for the remainder of my life. My journey will continue, just like the cycles of nature.” ~ Hope Burla, California



“LaRonda got me thinking about my life experiences and framed them as a hero’s journey. I appreciate the tools she offered me to explore my story more deeply. I learned that as a deafened person, it’s ok to feel sad and hurt sometimes. I also learned the antidote is to accept and embrace my Deaf self. LaRonda helped me find the wisdom I have gained through my challenges with hearing loss. I definitely need more “me days” like this!” ~ Sho, California

“LaRonda’s Seasons of Change coaching has given me a stepping stone to follow in the midst of life’s storms and times of darkness. Being able to make a visual connection to all the changes in life will help me meet life’s changes and challenges in a new way.” ~ Anon, California

“LaRonda’s coaching gave me a way to reframe the old tapes from my Inner-Critic into something more powerful, wise and transformative. She taught me how to listen to and trust my Inner-Wisdom. Coach LaRonda is clear, empowering and positive. She helps you to focus on ways to feel “whole” and not “broken”!”
~ Anon, Delaware

“LaRonda is an awesome coach! She gave me the tools to put my words into visuals and help me review my journey. She taught me that life is always changing and there will be more challenges to face. I just have to remember to keep moving forward. I appreciate how LaRonda was able to let me share my story, followed by many words of wisdom and insight.” ~ Claire Middleton Barensten, California

I attended LaRonda’s “Tansforming Your Inner-Critic” workshop at the Power of Me Retreat in Washington DC, in 2016. Afterwards, I decided to work with her as my Life Coach. I really loved it. Her coaching helped me to find my clarity of purpose and improve in self-love. I am still in the process of my own journey of growth, trusting in right timing. I have reminded myself that my personal growth is like a flower which has its own process to grow. I recommend to anyone who feels frustrated or lost, to take her one-on-one coaching programs, retreats or workshops! It will be worth for your time and it is a great investment in your life journey. ~ Rhonda Eernisse , Florida

“I feel like I am seed and Coach LaRonda is the water. All I needed was someone to pour water on me and now my ideas and plans are just growing!!! I am so happy and kind of relieved to have a clear focus and purpose. I felt so lost before. But now, I know what I really want to do now and that feels so good! I feel like my desires and lifelong dreams have been validated. I now have a clear purpose and steps to move me forward. I really loved the Purpose Clarity coaching program with LaRonda. I would strongly recommend her! I know many Deaf people would benefit from this information and I would not hesitate to send them her way.” ~ Stephanie Anderson, Indiana

LaRonda will walk with you by challenging you to dig deep with the Purpose Clarity questions to discover more about yourself, what you are really passionate about and what steps you can take to pursue it. Don’t overlook the shorter Life Coaching packages, as those (Inner Mean Girl or Self-Love) questions can also help bring you closer to your true purpose. ~ Michelle E., Texas

“I wasn’t sure if life coaching was what I needed to help me reach my goals, but after only two weeks of working with LaRonda, a powerful transformation is taking place in my career. It’s even better that we communicate in ASL via videophones, which makes it so much more convenient for me. She is very flexible and can work around your schedule. More importantly, LaRonda’s guidance, support and honest feedback are teaching me to embrace my unique approach to life and live in a way that truly brings me joy. I would recommend her services to anyone, especially in the Deaf community, who is looking for a way to find life paths that are exciting and meaningful to them.”
~ S. Moore, Washington

“I was at a crossroads with my career and had a lot of indecision about what to do next. In just a few individual sessions via videophone, LaRonda was able to help me create a Purpose Clarity Statement, which was extremely helpful with my career search and gave me a feeling of peace about what to do next. I inserted my statement on top of my resume. Consequently, not long after that, I was able to get two part-time jobs that reflected my passions and skills outlined in the statement!”
~ Anon, Oregon

“For quite some time I had been wanting to take a new direction and have something that drove me with purpose. I decided to give Purpose Clarity coaching a shot. Session after session things started to become more clear and I began to see my true calling. Thanks to Coach LaRonda, I feel confident knowing the steps I need to take to become a Grief Counselor.” ~ Roberto Gonzalez, Georgia

“LaRonda was an easy person to talk with as we went over the process of Purpose Clarity. She made things simple and was friendly when talking on VP. I would recommend her coaching to any friend and encourage them to take her Purpose Clarity program or attend her retreats.  We do need more Deaf leaders like LaRonda in this field.” ~ Susan Cherry, California

I attended LaRonda’s workshop three years ago to visualize my dreams. It couldn’t have been more timely. I had no idea what my own dreams were, because all my life I had to take care of other people, but suddenly no longer. My mind was blank, my heart was hurting, and my health and hearing were getting worse. Then I moved out of state to remain close to my grown children. I started eating better, exercising and getting checkups. I learned more about hearing loss and recently had a cochlear implant. I’m still working on achieving my dreams, but I’m making progress. I highly recommend visiting LaRonda and going to her workshops. ~ Elaine Endow