An Exploding Spring of the Mind ~

Like the Rhododendrons and Azaleas that are in full bloom around my neighborhood, I too am having an exploding Spring of the mind! I have  been having so many cool ideas blowing through my head lately that it feels like I’m going through a car wash blow dryer! You know, those really powerful dryers that blow so hard, your car windshield wipers look like they are going to fly right off the glass! Whoosh!

Quite honestly, I am blown away by the number of new and creative ideas I have had in the last couple of months, and the resulting growth in my business. Like with the spring flowers I see on my neighborhood walks, I am truly enjoying the excitement these new ideas bring!

Our lives often are much like the changing seasons. For example, we notice transformations happening in our lives, when after a period of reflection (Winter), we begin to see outward signs of growth (Spring). I am currently having something like an Exploding Spring, where I can see evidence of quick and rapid growth in my work life. This can be an exciting time or it can make us feel caught off guard, not quite ready for the fast progress.

Once in a while, it might feel like you are having a Volatile Spring, with a mixture of dark, stormy weather, and beautiful, sunny days. This is when you know a new beginning is taking place, but it’s hard to predict what changes you will encounter from day to day.

Most times, we experience a Lingering Spring, when our new ideas or new beginnings bloom gradually over an extended period of time. At these times we simply need to be patient, trusting in right timing and watch for evidence of our movement forward.

The seasons teach us a lot about trust. We know that eventually, Spring will turn into Summer and we will be feeling more confident and at ease with the changes life brings.

Are you currently going through a life change or feel like you are waiting for the birth of an imminent idea? Need a sounding board or some clarity? Consider Coaching with me!

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