My Story

I love working with people who are going through life transitions. I certainly know what that’s like. You see, I am no stranger to change. In 1981, at the age of 17, I suddenly became profoundly Deaf due to side effects of prolonged high fever and ototoxic antibiotics given to me to treat a rare illness — Toxic Shock Syndrome! Life as I knew it would no longer be the same. As challenging as this was, this became a Call to Adventure! Over time, I gradually learned how to navigate this dramatic life change, embrace a healthy Deaf identity and thrive! I would go on to work with the Deaf Community in a professional capacity for the next 30+ years as a Counselor, Educator, Advocate, Nonprofit Manager and Entrepreneur.

Prior to setting up my own business, I worked as the Director of Client Support Services for a large nonprofit organization serving the Deaf community. While I enjoyed many aspects of management, the day came when I knew it was time to move on. The heaviness of the workload literally manifested itself onto my body and I could see that my work life in that role and environment was not healthy for me. Under certain circumstances, it lacked the JOY I needed to stay fueled and focused.

The decision to leave came from a voice deep within — from a profound need for extreme self-care. I did not know where I would go next. All I knew was that I had gone as far as I wanted to go in that role at that time. With the love and support of my family, I bid farewell to management and leaped bravely into the unknown! It was another Call to Adventure!

In the weeks that followed, I was filled with an incredible lightness of being! I was a woman finally taking time for myself! The change was palpable! I could feel a lightness in my step and a lift in my attitude. I was re-learning the importance and benefits of self-love, self-care and soulful renewal. And when I felt better, I lived better and cared for others in a healthier way. The conversations I had with my husband and son were now about their lives and no longer about my challenging work day!

I started paying closer attention to that inner-voice that wisely knows just what I need. Self-care was not selfish, but rather, self-loving. I also began to think about other women who were like me. We are overwhelmed and overworked everywhere! We are often tired, joyless givers who do not stop to refuel. This exhaustion is common in women. From mothers to managers, women care deeply for their families, staff and communities, but often do little to care for themselves. We get stuck in cycles of self-neglect.

I started to sense that this was my wise-woman calling: to help other women slow down, listen to their inner-wisdom and learn to value and care for themselves throughout life changes; to help them deliberately create lives that feel more purposeful, balanced, joyful and fulfilled!

I decided to further my training and became a Master Retreat and Life Coach. In 2011, I founded my own business called Turtle Heart Coaching and Retreats.

My Professional Training includes:

  • Bachelors Degree in Deaf Studies
  • Masters Degree in Counseling
  • Master Certified Retreat Coach
  • Master Certified Seasons of Change® (Life Transitions) Coach
  • Certified Purpose Clarity Coach
  • Certified Heart Magnet Coach
  • Certified Parent & Family Life Educator
  • Certified Non-profit Management & Leadership
  • Love Ambassador and
  • Founder and Facilitator of Turtle Heart Coaching & Retreats.